Since the COVID19 pandemic, everything has changed, and travel restrictions are among the most complex issues we have met. Some countries have recently opened their borders to international travelers to boost their economies; these countries have also put new restrictions and rules that everyone must follow. However, with a negative Covid test before travelling, you can visit your destination country without worry.

What you need to know

  • Fit-to-fly COVID-19: MHI
    The Fit-to-fly COVID-19 certificate is proof that the holder has successfully produced a negative PCR test. If you fly out of the UK, you may be asked to provide a negative COVID19 test certificate. It is highly recommended to contact the airlines for specific clarifications and any formalities to avoid any delay or disappointment.
    You can find two kinds of fit to fly certificates in the UK that you need to know: A fit-to-fly standard certificate and a fit-to-fly COVID19 certificate.
    This fit-to-fly should not be confused with the standard certificate that is issued by a medical practitioner certifying your ability to fly safely. Conversely, a fit to fly COVID19 certificate proves that you have a negative COVID19 result.
  • PCR and Rapid Antigen Tests
    With our covid testing services, you can perform the PCR test at a nearby clinic or at home without visiting a clinic or doctor. Rapid antigen tests offer many advantages because they are easy to perform and produce results within 15 minutes. You have to swab your nose under the supervision of a telemedicine provider and wait for the test results.
    There are many benefits to getting tested from the comfort of your home, including: 

    1. Test yourself without having to go to a clinic or doctor
    2.  Less risk of exposure to coronavirus
    3. Regular testing
    4. Efficiency over time

  • Travelling To Nigeria
    All travelers to Nigeria must have confirmation of a negative Covid19 PCR test result 72 hours prior to departure. In addition, passengers travelling to Nigeria must complete a health declaration form online before boarding and upload their PCR test certificate to the online travel portal. You should also bring the test and result with you when you travel. Passengers must also book a new PCR test prior to travel by the 7th day of their arrival in Nigeria, and proof of this reservation will be required upon arrival. Mhi provides the best Covid test services in Nigeria.
  • Back in the UK
    “You can order your home test kits with MHI in just a few clicks.”
    At-home tests allow you to test regularly as more accessible; it can provide a sense of security when meeting friends and family for social occasions. They are helpful when you feel uncertain or slightly under the weather and not sure how you are feeling. For some countries, you must have proof of a rapid negative antigen test certificate to enter. It is still necessary to have evidence of a negative quick antigen test to return to the UK. To order any MHI covid home Antigen rapid tests for your trip, visit our website and select your desired test package. We will instantly process your covid test kit order and ship it to you after you have placed your order. MHI provides affordable Covid test services in the UK.
  • MHI: Listed Provider on Gov.UK
    If you have been looking for a rapid antigen test or PCR, We at Mobihealth offer different packages to meet your travelling needs. Our specialized team is at your disposal to provide you with the necessary guidelines for obtaining proof of suitability and advice for trips abroad. Requirements may vary by country and airline. In general, your fit-to-fly certificate can be rejected if it was presented to you weeks or months prior to the day of your trip. So to avoid obstacles, be sure to stick to the correct time frame. This is already a requirement for most airlines and countries; MHI products offer certified and accredited standard travel tests.
    MHI is on the list provided by the UK government for COVID19 travel tests, so you don’t have to worry about a possible rejection by your airlines. The COVID19-PCR test is well known and accepted by all airlines.

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