Quick online appointments, real-time video consultations, mobile clinics for rural areas, and telehealth kiosks.



Telehealth Services

B2C, B2B, B2G, SaaS and White Label

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Digitalization and Electronic Medical Records

Scheduling, Charting, Medical Billing, E-Prescription, Inventory management, Appointment reminders, etc

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Integrated Telehealth Clinics

Telehealth clinics powered with Solar, Internet and AI remote diagnostic tools according to client’s need.

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AI Powered Remote Diagnostic Devices

For vital signs and Point of Care Ultrasound, POCUS for Clinic, home and general usage

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Laboratory and Radiodiagnostic Services

Get quality laboratory and radio diagnostic tests at competitive rates.

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Home Health

House call medical services, Laboratory, home medication deliveries

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Retail Pharmacy Services

Dispensing, Compounding, Emergency care, Medication management.

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Training and local capacity building

We offer capacity-building training for sustainability.

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