Our Services

Mobihealth is an International pioneer innovative telemedicine & healthcare services platform positioned to revolutionize access to healthcare services in developing countries-the first of its kind in the African continent!

We are a One-stop portal that gives millions of people in Africa timely access to medical experts worldwide via video consultations from the comfort of their home, quality diagnostic tests, genuine medications, specialist referrals through a subscription plan that requires no out-of-pocket payment.”

Instant Video Consultation

Speak to a board certified doctor and specialists  within minutes.  Get Video Consultation with a doctor in the US, UK, Germany, Israel, Nigeria or other countries on your mobile device, avoid hospital queues and delay diagnosis and treatment. Get diagnosed safely from the comfort of your home, anywhere & anytime. If you require further evaluation and treatment we will refer you to our local partners-best in class- for further care. Get the quality care you and your family deserve!

Online Prescriptions and Genuine medications

You no longer need to worry about counterfeit medications. Our partner pharmacies are certified by world No.1 counterfeit medicine detector and only work with reputable supply chain. For your convenience, we will send your prescriptions electronically to pharmacies near you and text you when they are ready for pick up or you can choose home delivery..

Laboratory And Radiologic Investigations

We take the hassle off you and book your diagnostic tests with reputable centres. Our doctors evaluate the results remotely to give you medical advice and prescriptions. You can also request home laboratory tests where possible.

Follow-Up and Hospital Referrals

For those who need further face to face evaluation, our online doctors send a referral to a local specialist and book your appointments with a confirmation sent to your email/mobile.

Comprehensive Physical Examination

Our innovative video platform offers quality video consultation specifically designed for low bandwidth areas including areas with difficult network and geographical terrains. Our solutions enables patient led comprehensive physical examination remotely such that a doctor’s visit is easily replicated.

Home Health Services

Request a doctor, nurse, physiotherapist visit or laboratory tests from anywhere. Our trained nurses and other healthcare professionals work within a framework of high ethical standards. We also offer home delivery of medications and repeat prescriptions for your convenience. Do you have an elderly patient in the village or town with limited access to healthcare facilities? We have bespoke packages including regular home visitation by our medical team to give you peace of mind.

Your Medical Bills covered!

Lack of health insurance and planning sets many people on the path of financial difficulties and increasing morbidity and mortality. With Mobihealth’s low cost subscription plans, you can secure the health of you and your family and never worry about unexpected high treatment costs.  We pay your medical bills with no out-of-pocket payment from you.

Pre-Employment Screenings and Annual Medicals

We offer businesses and organizations Pre-Employment Screening and Medicals. For more information please email info@mobihealthinternational.com

E-Learning and Capacity Building

We provide training to local healthcare workers, medical students and other capacity building trainings for sustainability. Please email us for more information.

Mobile Clinics and Telehealth Kiosk for Rural Areas

Many people in the rural areas lack access to basic healthcare with millions travelling many miles to access care or die trying to find one. More than 95% of people in Africa lack health insurance and cannot afford to access basic healthcare. Mobihealth is passionate about making making Universal Healthcare, SDG-3 a reality. We offer  free medical care to people in rural areas who have no access to the internet or mobile phones through our satcom and solar powered Telehealth mobile clinics. We cover maternal and child health,  Our doctors speak different local languages and work with our ground staff to expedite access to care. For Partnership enquiries please email info@mobihealthinterntional.com

Patient Transport Service

The Patient Transport Service can be provided through our third party affiliates. This is to transport patients who need support to reach their healthcare appointment, or for their admission to and discharge from hospital, pick-up of their medications or to get to a diagnostic centre due to their medical/clinical needs.

Why Choose Us? Our Niche

  • Timely access to >100K Doctors worldwide.
  • Immediate video consultation via mobile/laptop 24/7.
  • Timely diagnosis and treatment from the comfort of your home 24/7.
  • Access to wide network of diagnostic centres around you.
  • Convenient online booking of pathology, radiology tests.
  • Messaging service for appointment bookings & confirmation.
  • Home Health visits.
  • Same day repeat prescriptions.
  • Genuine medications and access to pharmacies around you.
  • Referrals to specialists locally and worldwide.
  • Home delivery of medications.
  • No out-of-Pocket payment. We cover all your medical cost to protect you against huge out of pocket medical bills
  • Travelling Abroad? No problem, use your plan anywhere in the world.
  • Pre-employment screenings, annual medical check up, maternity care and much more
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