How do you access the platform?

Visit the web at or download the mobile application from Play Store or App Store 



How do you register?

  • Click on register and select the Client option
  • Fill the registration form (pay attention to mandatory fields)
  • Enter the referral code (if any)
  • Click submit

How to Request consultation?

  • From dashboard, click Request Appointment
  • Click Search Doctor
  • Choose date and time and book appointment
  • Once it’s the consultation time, Join Room to consult with your doctor.

What happens with investigations and medications?

Your investigation and prescription will be sent to the diagnostic center and pharmacies. We also do home delivery of genuine medications, home doctor call out and physiotherapy/nursing care.

Who pays for additional scan test requested or prompted by the patient [not included with Mobihealth Doctor’s administration]

The patient pays out of pocket.

What happens after the investigation result is out

You will book a follow up consultation with your doctor to review the result.

How do you intend to cover the costs that occur to me while seeing your patients? I.e internet costs, time/ opportunity forgone.

We are paying for each Consultation to the physicians. The payment will be made monthly based on the number of complete consultations that are done by the physicians.

Is Mobihealth a charity organization?

We are not a charity organisation. We are a company registered in UK & Nigeria. 

Why is the contract agreement not stating that you wish to have your physicians volunteer in unpaid capacity to render service?

The contract clearly states that the physicians will be paid fees for their services. The Agreement does not state anywhere that the physicians will not be paid for their services.

What referral pathways are in place for situations that are emergent and need on-site hospital care?

The platform has a referral feature that the physicians can refer the patient to:

  • Another specialist
  • A partner hospital

What is provided for lab support, Xrays support, physiotherapy, etc?

The physicians will be able to order investigations from the platform. We have partnered with a network of Labs, Radiology center, Hospitals, and other services

Can I work from home?

Yes, the physicians can work from anywhere. The Telemedicine platform provides the flexibility to the physicians and the patients to use our platform and work from wherever they want.