Digitalization and EMR/EHR Solutions

Moving your practice from paper-based to electronic medical record can seem daunting and expensive. We are here to help your seamless transition. Our customisable Electronic Medical/Health Records, offers better efficiency in resource, cost and patient management.

Our EHR is more than just a computerized version of your paper records. It provides comprehensive health information about your patients and practice towards generation of insightful data for robust care and profitability. Interoperably built to enable you securely share information with other healthcare providers and organizations – such as pharmacies, laboratories, medical imaging facilities, other specialists and hospitals– for continuity of care.

EMR offers security, privacy, and support, and should be able to save you time while helping you improve patient care. Some Features of our EMR are:

  1. – Scheduling
  2. – Charting
  3. – Medical Billing
  4. – E-Prescription
  5. – Inventory management
  6. – Appointment reminders
  7. – Lab Integration
  8. – Provider portals
  9. – Provider portals