It’s a fact that point-of-care ultrasound devices improve acute care by helping the best online doctors make accurate and efficient diagnoses, saving them time and money.

As physicians attempt to treat patients in an increasingly complicated world, the tools they use are more important than ever. Precision and time are of the essence, and there is little room for mistakes. Therefore an increasing number of specialist doctors are turning to point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS) devices such as Kosmos, to give them an advantage in patient care.

KOSMO - A Telemedicine Cornerstone

The Kosmos device is the only portable ultrasound system that generates real-time ultrasound images using pulsed echo ultrasound. Moreover, it provides an in-depth view of the patient’s conditions using high-quality images for precise results.

This revolutionary medical device proves to be an important tool for mobile healthcare services for patients in hard-to-reach areas. Its AI-based calculations enable physicians to evaluate patients for heart and lung disease among others. The KOSMOS device gives heart curves, lung sounds and high-quality ultrasound images. The portable probe and personalized tablet can be moved quickly and easily in crowded hospital wards, ambulances and medical camps. In addition, the durable design of the system makes it easy to disinfect.

In a single phased array probe, Kosmos combines three vital signals: digital stethoscope, ECG, and ultrasound, allowing for the best, trained online doctors to understand what is happening in the cardiac cycle, using transformative artificial intelligence to improve technique and guide the physician in a diagnosis. Combining these three most critical medical signals, Kosmos provides a clinical advantage that no other point-of-care ultrasound device offers.

Easy To Use And Patient Friendly

Doctors have always had a myriad of ways to diagnose patients. But the fastest methods are not perfectly precise, and the most successful methods are not always practical. For example, confirmatory tests such as blood tests, X-rays, and CT scans could take up to an hour to get results, So the treatment time increases.

The advantage of ultrasound with Kosmos is that it is easy to perform at the bedside and is not difficult to learn. As a result, you can make essential decisions in real-time. With Kosmos, physicians can intervene quickly to diagnose and treat patients without waiting for confirmatory tests or x-ray results. This means faster responses and better care minimizing patient risk and treatment time

Quick, Accurate & Life-Saving

The KOSMOS device can be life-saving as it can help in the diagnosis of serious conditions with real-time insights. The treatment side allows them to perform procedures essential for patients during their care in an entirely safe way. Kosmos offers a more comprehensive overview of patient health on the spot by synchronizing ultrasound, ECG, and auscultation. In addition, its AI-powered interface further automates and streamlines image capture processes.
The device’s lightweight and portable design makes it easy to transport to healthcare facilities.

Empower Every Visit MobiHealth

MOBIHEALTH uses KOSMOS to help diagnose patients and inform them about treatment strategies. In addition, we have experts with advanced degrees in AI, including image recognition. We also have a wide range of expert ultrasound consultants, including emergency physicians, cardiologists, obstetricians, internists, and ultrasound technologists who provide additional ultrasound and clinical skills and assistance in development: artificial intelligence algorithms and training/testing on large patient populations.


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